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The earlier that Early Intervention services begin, the better chance for making significant differences. A specialist will work with you and your child to find ways to stimulate your child and help him or her achieve specific goals, determined by both the specialist(s) and you. Educational and therapy services vary from state to state. Public schools are required by a federal law referred to as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to provide a free appropriate education for your child.

If your child has minimal supplementary educational needs, he or she may not qualify for special educational services. If that is the case, then a simple plan referred to as a 504, can be drawn up to address cathing and other medical needs.  Section 504 Plan

If your child qualifies for special education, the services he or she needs will be addressed in a more formal document called an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  More Info on IEP

Many children with Spina Bifida and hydrocephalus have learning challenges. Areas where children typically have problems include:
•Language: poor comprehension, sequencing problems, and trouble understanding directions
•Attention and memory
•Solving problems and making decisions

Numerous accommodations, strategies, and sometimes medications can help your child cope with these challenges. Help your child find and develop a skill he or she can be proud of.

Learning in Children With Spina Bifida

Math Difficulties

Educational Issues

Missing school for surgeries may be a big problem for a child who is striving for good grades. School districts are required to provide home-based tutors for special education students who are unable to attend school for extended periods. Contact your local school to make arrangements as soon as possible.

Many teachers are not familiar with latex allergies and the way to avoid exposure. Use the Spina Bifida Association’s latex fact sheet to help educate them.  Latex List

More Resources for Parents

Adaptive PE

Depression and Anxiety

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