Outreach for Families

Outreach for families 

We believe families with children with Spina Bifida benefit by periodically gathering and exchanging ideas. In addition to the holiday party in December, we generally hold an Easter Egg Hunt and a picnic for families with younger children during the year.  There are also several other gatherings so the children can socialize together.   It is especially beneficial for children with SB to meet other kids like them. Moms frequently get together to meet and long lasting friendships have been made between parents and children!  Please check the calendar on the homepage for upcoming events.

For more information on how to connect with this group, please contact Robin Lee at rlee@spinabifidant.org.

To join the SBANT Moms closed Facebook group, click HERE.

Outreach for SB Teens

There are several activities during the year for our teens to interact together, including the WalkNRoll for SBANT, Camp TLC, Holiday Party and more.  Events will be posted on the calendar.  We also encourage our teens to join our SB Teens Facebook group located HERE.


Outreach for SBANT Adults

We encourage our adults to attend all of our events.  It is so helpful and encouraging for our young families to see our adults active and thriving.  Each year at Education Day, we host a track of sessions for our adults and follow that day up with an evening social.  We also have multiple opportunities for virtual and online education and social events.   Our SBANT adults are very active on their closed Facebook group located HERE.  They rely on each other for information, education and support.

 If you are an adult with Spina Bifida, please make sure you join our database so you don’t miss out on these opportunities.  We are currently establishing an Adult Advisory Committee to help lead the future of the needs of our adults.  Contact Robin Lee at rlee@spinabifidant.org to for more information or to join our database.


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